Regular Club Dues (current dues per year) $250 (Spouse is included)

Junior Member Dues (each per year) $10 (Under 19 at time of application)

Initiation Fee for Regular or Lifetime Membership $500

Amount to be Submitted with Application $750 + any Junior Member Dues

Lifetime Legacy Membership $2500 (Spouse is included) + Initiation Fee

Amount to be Submitted with Application $3000

Your membership entitles you and your spouse member and any registered junior members to:

  1. Yearly club awards entry and  banquet.
  2. Membership meetings with a speaker, food, and refreshments
  3. Members of the club may use a check in the cash room at club tournaments instead of the usual cash only for non-club members.
  4. Members get discounted entry to tournaments
  5. Members can attend all tournament parties.
  6. Numerous club mail outs, newsletters and informational material.
  7. Spring open house at the clubhouse.
  8. Eligible to use of the clubhouse for certain approved events and activities.(See club info specific to clubhouse use.)
  9. Voting and nomination privileges.
  10. Last but not least being associated with the finest and most respected offshore club on the Gulf Coast , associating with some of the best fishermen in our area, and being part of the rich tradition and history of the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club.

Why become a lifetime legacy member for $2500

  1. Easy
  2. Don’y have to worry about paying dues.
  3. Junior members included for legacy members.
  4. $2000 is being invest by the club for long term use.

Did you know that you can renew your annual membership by