The Mobile Big Game Fishing Club was founded by Dr. Robert H. Mudd, C. M. A., (Max) Rogers, and Jere Austill, Jr. on August 12, 1966.

The objects for which the corporation is formed are: (As taken from the original articles of incorporation.)

“To foster, promote, and increase interest in the sport of big game fishing, oceanography, marine biology, and other related and similar fields; and to foster, promote, and increase knowledge concerning such sport and the related fields and sciences by way of research, and by the sponsoring of lectures, films and like educational activities; to foster, promote and increase interest in and knowledge of the conservation of our natural resources, particularly the marine resources, of our state, nation, and world; to sponsor and participate in tournaments designed to promote interest in, and knowledge of, the sport of big game fishing, and the conservation of marine resources; to engage in any other activities which will, on a sportsmanlike basis, promote interest in the sport of big game fishing; and to affiliate itself with other organizations of similar purpose. In accomplishing any and all of the
foregoing purposes, the corporation shall operate wholly without profit and in such manner that no part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of any individual, and no part of the activities of the corporation shall involve the carrying-on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation; and the corporation
shall not participate in, or intervene in, any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. All other provisions of these articles of incorporation to the contrary notwithstanding , no part of the purposes of the corporation and no part of its activities shall be such as to prevent it from qualifying under status of an “exempt organization” as such term or terms of similar meaning may be defined from time to time under the income, gift and estate tax laws of the United States of America.”